Crowe Morgan Team Christmas Decoration Challenge

The Partners of Crowe Morgan challenged all teams in the office to the decorate their rooms for Christmas with the winner receiving a fish ‘n’ chips for the whole team.

Competition was fierce with the finished plans shrouded in secrecy until the grand unveiling. Judge ‘Barry McMerry Christmas’ toured the office this morning to inspect the many entries.

Team Mel – focussed on a pun filled Christmas, which Barry determined was original and a great team effort.

Crowe Morgan Team Christmas Decoration Challenge

Team Rosie – created a nativity scene unique to Crowe Morgan, and favour was definitely won by showing Barry, David and Amy as the three Kings.

Crowe Morgan Team Christmas Decoration Challenge

Team Michelle – tried to beat the competition by including technology in the form of a moving ski lift and train around her CM slalom scene.

Crowe Morgan Team Christmas Decoration Challenge

Whilst there isn’t room to show them all here, there were many other fantastic entries and Judge McMerry noted the following;

Team Cat – lots of lights and original Christmas decorations, with traditional tree.

Team Lucy – very bright colours and great imagination with the homemade snow village.

Team Hannah – lots of different things going on, Santa coming down the chimney along with warm fireplace, with great detail in the little house!!

Team Gareth – good effort but it’s obviously too hot in the office for carrots

Team Becky – made a start but still waiting for the finished product – might be done by next year!

Team Niamh – Reception and hall are bright and colourful – it’s been difficult for Niamh to hold back on the Christmas decorations!!

Team Clare – lots of bright colours and sparkles.

There can only be one winner and our Judge noted great homemade decorations with the evidence of an exclusive visit from Santa. Whole room decorated and team effort very visible.

Crowe Morgan Team Christmas Decoration Challenge

Well done Team Christine, including (l-r) Santa’s little helpers Ainsley, Zoe, Christine, John and Adam

Crowe Morgan Team Christmas Decoration Challenge

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!


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