Summer of Sport

Summer of Sport

Crowe Morgan staff members took full advantage of the glorious summer of 2018, working on their tans while competing hard for sought after silverware.

Children’s Centre Rounders

This event is always well organised and well attended, with this year being no exception!

Crowe Morgan’s throwing skills were put to the test and Alison Craine was quickly appointed chief ball hurler. Craine’s fast arm made her a fearsome opponent for the other teams’ batters!

The teams other star players included Ben Clague, whose greatest asset was his “wrong way round” batting, Amy Speed by Name Speed by Nature and Cheerleader Stoddart.

Following recent successes in hockey and badminton tournaments Crowe Morgan were the bookies’ favourites for the event, but hopes were quickly dashed when the team opened up with back to back defeats. Both games were decided by tight margins, much to the team’s frustration. 

Before the evening was finished the team did salvage some pride with a win over Barclays. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come in next year’s tournament…

The team wish to thank The Children’s Centre for putting on such a great event!

Promenade Relay  

In blistering heat, 4 brave souls completed a tortuous 2.5km run along Douglas promenade in the late afternoon sun of a Friday evening! Wiser colleagues were seen spectating with a cold beer in hand at the Queens’ public house…

Team Crowe Morgan finished a respectable 10th out of 63 teams.

11:33 Deirdre O’Sullivan

09:58 Jamie Dudley

11:03 Nicholas Hamer

09:26 Juan Corlett

Total Time – 41:59

Two teams are on the cards next year… so we can expect some intra office rivalry.


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